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The Steel frame system

Is designed to replace the conventional brick and mortar method of construction with lght gauge, pre-formed, and pre-cut "C" channels. It is stronger than conventional brick, mortar, or wood studs and weighs less, faster to assemble and does not require skilled labor. It is termite proof, fire proof, and more energy efficient than conventional methods of construction. Galvanized steel never rots, shrinks, or expands as conventional wood framing methods.

Product information

Steel framing is manufactured by a cold-forming process in wich strips of steel sheets are put through a series of roll-forming dyes, wich form the sheet into desired width, length, thickness and shape. Cold forming steel sheet design inherits material strength through its shaping methods. When a sheet is formed into a "C" shape, the bends act as stiffeners and substantially increase the strength of the sheet. Most of the strength and stiffness of the section depends on the shape and not its thickness. Therefore, strength to weight ratios are very favorable.

Why build with steel?

Residential steel framing members are cost-effective, lightweight, easy-to-handle, and manufactured in conditions that allow strict quality control. When designed properly, the result is solid, non-combustible, and durable. Because steel can be pre-cut to desired lengths and is a stable material, you don't need to sort out defective pieces and can erect a frame faster. Also, steel scrap has value and can be recycled.

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